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与封装了所有的伟大的名字埃及古代过去,国王谷是该国最受欢迎的旅游目的地之一。 It’s located on the west bank of the Nile, directly across the river from the古城底比斯(现称卢克索)。 Geographically, the valley is unremarkable; but beneath its barren surface lie more than 60 rock-cut tombs, created between the 16th and 11th centuries B.C. to house the deceased pharaohs of the New Kingdom.

谷包括两个不同的武器 - 西谷和东谷。 The majority of the tombs are located in the latter arm. Although almost all of them were looted in antiquity, the murals and hieroglyphs that cover the walls of the royal tombs provide an invaluable insight into the funerary rituals and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians.


经过多年的潜心研究,大多数历史学家认为,帝王谷被用作王室墓地大约从1539至1075年公元前-一段近500年。 The first tomb to be carved here was that of the pharaoh图特摩斯一世,而最后的皇家陵墓被认为是拉美西斯十一。 It is uncertain why Thutmose I chose the valley as the site of his new necropolis. Some Egyptologists suggest that he was inspired by the proximity of al-Qurn, a peak believed to be sacred to the goddesses Hathor and Meretseger, and whose shape echoes that of the古王国金字塔硅谷孤立的位置也可能被吸引,从而更容易看守古墓对潜在袭击者。

尽管它的名字,在帝王谷不是完全由法老填充。 In fact, the majority of its tombs belonged to favored nobles and members of the royal family (although the pharaohs’ wives would have been buried in the nearby王后谷施工后开始出现在1301左右公元前)。 Tombs in both valleys would have been constructed and decorated by skilled workers living in the nearby village of Deir el-Medina. Such was the beauty of these decorations that the tombs have been a focus for tourism for thousands of years.由古希腊和罗马左铭文可以以几种坟墓的可以看出,尤其是拉美西斯VI(KV9),其具有超过1,000古涂鸦的例子。

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最近,古墓已经广泛的勘探和发掘的课题。 In the 18th century, Napoleon commissioned detailed maps of the Valley of the Kings and its various tombs. Explorers continued to unveil new burial places throughout the 19th century, until American explorer Theodore M. Davis declared the site fully excavated in 1912. He was proven wrong in 1922, however, when British archaeologist Howard Carter led the expedition that uncovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. Although Tutankhamun himself was a relatively minor pharaoh, the incredible riches found within his tomb made this有史以来最著名的考古发现之一



如今,只有山谷的63个墓葬18可以通过公众参观,他们是在同一时间很少开放。 Instead, the authorities rotate which ones are open in order to try and mitigate the damaging effects of mass tourism (including increased carbon dioxide levels, friction and humidity). In several tombs, the murals are protected by dehumidifiers and glass screens; while others are now equipped with electric lighting.

在帝王谷所有的墓葬中,最受欢迎的仍是的图坦卡门(KV62)。 Although it is relatively small and has since been stripped of most of its treasures, it still houses the boy king’s mummy, encased in a gilded wooden sarcophagus. Other highlights include the tomb of拉美西斯VI(KV9)塔斯莫泽III(KV34)。 The former is one of the valley’s largest and most sophisticated tombs, and is famous for its detailed decorations which depict the complete text of the netherworld洞穴的书后者是最古老的坟墓向游客开放,并可以追溯到大约公元前1450 The vestibule mural depicts no fewer than 741 Egyptian divinities, while the burial chamber includes a beautiful sarcophagus made out of red quartzite.

确保计划的访问埃及博物馆开罗看到已经从帝王谷除去对自己的保护的珍品。 These include most of the mummies, and Tutankhamun’s iconic golden death mask. Note that several items from Tutankhamun’s priceless cache have最近被移动到附近的新大埃及博物馆吉萨金字塔复合体,包括他华丽的陪葬战车。



有几种方法来参观帝王谷。 Independent travelers can hire a taxi from Luxor or from the West Bank ferry terminal to take them on a full day tour of West Bank sites including the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens and the Deir al-Bahri temple complex. If you’re feeling fit, hiring a bicycle is another popular option—but be aware that the road up to the Valley of the Kings is steep, dusty and hot. It is also possible to hike into the Valley of the Kings from Deir al-Bahri or Deir el-Medina, a short but challenging route that affords spectacular views of the Theban landscape.



开始您新的游客中心,那里的山谷的模型和电影有关卡特的发现图坦卡蒙墓给什么样的期待墓葬里面自己的概述访问。 There is a small electric train between the Visitors Centre and the tombs, which saves you a hot and dusty walk in exchange for a minimal fee. Be aware that there is little shade in the valley, and temperatures can be scorching (especially in summer). Make sure to dress coolly and bring plenty of sunscreen and water.有一个在带来了相机拍摄没有点严格禁止,但火炬可以帮助你更好看的熄灭坟墓里。

门票价格为每人80埃镑,用40埃镑为学生优惠费用。 This includes entry to three tombs (whichever ones are open on the day). You’ll need a separate ticket to visit the West Valley’s single open tomb,KV23,属于法老Ay的。 Similarly, Tutankhamun’s tomb is not included in the regular ticket price. You can buy a ticket for his tomb for 100 Egyptian pounds per person, or 50 Egyptian pounds per student. In the past, as many as 5,000 tourists visited the Valley of the Kings every day, and long queues were part of the experience.然而,最近在埃及动荡出现了急剧的顺路旅游并墓葬很可能是结果不那么拥挤。