加德满都,尼泊尔的首都,是一个文化和历史密集的城市。 It combines ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples, local Newari architecture, and gorgeous mountain views (on a clear day) with modern urban sprawl, gridlocked traffic, and, unfortunately, some of the worst pollution in Asia.

加德满都,旅客无论是爱还是恨,大部分下来对爱的一面,划伤表面之下后的地方。 While many visitors to Nepal come for the mountains and hang around in Kathmandu just long enough to make plans for trekking, rafting, or jungle sightseeing, there’s a lot to explore in Kathmandu itself. Temples, stupas, monasteries, boutique accommodation at great prices, diverse Himalayan food, handicraft shopping, and green farmland, and hiking trails on the city’s edge, here are some of the best experiences you can have in Kathmandu.


最佳游览时间:三月到五月和十月至十一月是在尼泊尔旅游高峰季节。 The winter is also pleasant because although it’s a bit cold, the mountain views can be good. Avoid the monsoon months of May to mid-September.




行前小贴士:加德满都非常污染和灰尘。 It’s essential to bring (or buy soon after arrival) a face mask to filter out the worst of it.


在印度教寺庙,佛教佛塔,和寺院,并中世纪的皇家广场(广场王宫)应该是在加德满都观光的优先级。 Modern-day Kathmandu is comprised of (at least) three ancient kingdoms: Kathmandu, Patan (also called Lalitpur), and Bhaktapur. While urban development connects them all now and they’re all considered part of broader Kathmandu city, they each have different histories and traditions.

  • 加德满都杜巴广场(又称Basantapur杜巴广场)是老加德满都的中心,与哈努曼多卡宫复杂,古老的皇家加德满都中心(尼泊尔成为共和国,2008年)。
  • 老帕坦,加德满都市中心的南部,包括保存完好的帕坦王宫广场和帕坦优秀博物馆,以及其他不可错过的寺庙,如金庙(Hiranya瓦尔纳Mahabihar)和Banglamukhi寺。
  • 巴克塔普尔一直被称为一个活生生的博物馆,因为能在这里展示可以看到丰富的工艺传统。 Although the Durbar Square was severely damaged in the earthquake of 2015, the spectacular, five-story Nayatapola Temple was unharmed.
  • 博达哈是西藏最神圣的藏传佛教佛塔外和显著的朝圣之地。 The Boudha area is Kathmandu's Tibetan hub.
  • 斯瓦扬布纳特寺,一座小山以西加德满都中央的顶上,被俗称为猴庙(你会发现为什么!)攀登步为城市一览无余。




大多数尼泊尔人会告诉你,他们最喜欢的食物,事实上,他们吃了多次食物天是达八。 Although this translates to lentil curry and rice, a full dal bhat meal is much more than this, with various vegetable and meat curries, a side salad, pickles, and papad. There are many places around Kathmandu to get a good dal bhat meal, from simple places frequented by locals to the more upmarket restaurants.

其他事实上的尼泊尔最喜欢的是momos(蒸或煎饺子)和thukpa(汤面)。 While these dishes are Tibetan, Kathmandu is not only home to many Tibetans, it also has several Nepali ethnic groups who originated in Tibet centuries ago. So, Tibetan foods are a well-loved staple of Nepali cuisine, although most Nepalis will eat them as a snack rather than a main meal.

尼瓦尔美食是独一无二的加德满都。 The ethnic Newars are the ‘original’ inhabitants of Kathmandu, and they retain a distinct culture, language, and cuisine that is different from ‘mainstream’ Nepali. Newari cuisine tends to be very spicy, and uses a lot of meat and dried, beaten rice. Patan and Bhaktapur are good places to find authentic Newari cuisine



加德满都的主要旅游枢纽是泰美尔,在中心城市。 There’s a massive range of accommodation options here, from ultra-budget to boutique and more high-end. It’s a convenient place to stay as there are many shops, restaurants, and tour companies in the area, but it can also get a bit noisy. If you want a quieter or less intensely touristy experience, Patan offers some charming boutique guesthouses in renovated Newari townhouses, Boudha is close to the Tibetan action, and Budhanilkanatha is further from the city but on the edge of the Shivapuri National Park.


几乎所有的游客到加德满都将坐飞机到特里布万国际机场,这是目前尼泊尔的唯一的主要国际机场。 Tribhuvan is a有点乱与长时间的等待拿到签证,并要求行李,而很少吃或购物设施。 It’s just a hurdle that travelers have to grin and bear.

有些旅客到达加德满都未来陆路从印度,特别是在从德里长途客车。 But, this is a long and uncomfortable option, and only really advisable as a last resort.


在加德满都到达可以是谁是想象田园喜马拉雅乐园的游客有点令人生畏。 Kathmandu is busy and dirty, but it’s also pretty safe, with a relatively low crime rate and very little crime directed at travelers, so there’s no need to be alarmed. If you take reasonable precautions such as not walking around alone after dark in quiet areas, and taking care of your belongings, there’s no need to feel unsafe in Kathmandu.

加德满都是一个主要的印度城市,带来了相当大的佛教少数。 Most Nepalis will dress quite conservatively, especially older people. You’ll likely see younger men wearing shorts, and younger women wearing tight jeans, knee-length skirts, and sleeveless tops. But, it’s better to err on the side of modesty, especially when visiting religious sites. Wearing long pants and short-sleeve tops that cover the chest (women) is practical in Kathmandu’s generally hot climate, and culturally respectful.

小费在餐馆赞赏,但并不总是必要的。 A service charge is added to bills, but you can never know how much of this is going to the server, so rounding up the bill is a good idea. If hiring a guide, it’s customary to tip him (he’ll almost always be a man!) around 10 percent of the cost of the tour. Give this directly to him, not to the tour operator, so you can be sure he receives it.

非印度教徒普遍欢迎最多的印度教遗址,也有一些例外。 Non-Hindus (which in practice means anyone who doesn’t look South Asian) aren’t allowed in the inner areas of the holy Pashupatinath Temple, or inside the Krishna Mandir at Patan Durbar Square. It should also go without saying, but when visiting Pashupatinath, where cremations are continuously held, respect the privacy of mourners. Photographing funerals and funeral pyres is ethically dubious, so think twice about whether you need that photo.