巴黎吸引了超过35万人次,2018年,打破了新的纪录,并超越伦敦成为全球访问量最大的城市。 And—as you might expect—overcrowding is becoming a serious issue.

为了应对日益紧张的情况下,旅游经营者和市政府官员与设置到影响游客的新规则响应。 The卢浮宫2019年,当它在夏季尤其是上了报纸头条宣布将在今年年底移动到仅保留订票系统,潜在限制游客的高峰月访问了世界著名的博物馆能力。 Overly crowded conditions in rooms such as the one housing Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" prompted the change in policy, to the delight of some and dismay of others.

公共交通,住宿和餐馆也越来越多地在巴黎的挤压,尤其是在高发季节。 How can visitors cope with what often feel like conditions that are better suited to canned sardines than humans? Here are a few of our top tips for beating the crowds and ensuring you make the most of your next trip to the French capital.


虽然大部分旅客在假设一游弹簧要么夏天是优选的,它肯定不是适合每一个人。 There are several factors that might persuade you to instead opt for a fall or winter sojourn during the off-peak season (roughly mid-October to mid-March).

其中最主要的? You'll have more of the city to yourself if you avoid high season. While Paris is busy year-round, you can avoid the biggest human swarms by scheduling a trip during the quieter months. You can look forward to shorter lines at popular museums and attractions, less suffocating conditions inside places like the Louvre and the埃菲尔铁塔,而更多的空间,无论你可以选择花费你的时间。

你也可以避免已使室内环境闷热特别,包括在许多博物馆日益频繁的热浪。 And for anyone on a limited budget, the dip in airline fares, hotel rates, and vacation packages will be another added benefit.


特别是如果你决定在一年中最繁忙的月份访问,您可以通过集中访问,以避免人山人海主要旅游景点巴黎在工作日的上午。 Especially for popular temporary exhibits and shows, a certain percentage of the crowds will be Parisians or visitors from nearby French towns, who tend to book on weekends. By steering clear of the weekends, you'll likely be able to avoid that additional footfall.

最大的外卖? We recommend arriving before opening time and getting in line or booking tickets for the earliest available slots.

克里斯蒂安Bortes / EyeEm本质上/盖蒂图片社


如果你和你的合作旅行者移动不够,可以考虑步行的兴趣到另一个点之间,并围绕规划中的旅游景点和名胜的集群您的行程给邻居或(区)。 Public transportation in Paris can be overcrowded and uncomfortable, especially during warm weather and peak hours.

此外,你可以说是将最好地欣赏这座城市和所有它通过探索它的脚所提供的。 When you take the metro, you don't see how places connect and are less likely to make spontaneous discoveries—the kinds that end up forming strong memories and impressions. Walking is a cherished Parisian tradition. Charge your phone as fully as possible and开展城市街道地图上的每个细节附近进行备份。


这一次是如此明显,它适用于任何大城市真:避免巴黎地铁和公交系统高峰时段。 Who wants to find themselves trying to squeeze into a tiny space near the doors, pushed against them by crowds of fellow travelers? It's hot, far from ideal for anyone who suffers from even mild claustrophobia, grouchy and unpleasant. In a word: dodge at all costs.

在巴黎,急于在各地,因为它通常不会在北美的同时小时后开始,但结束。 Expect crowded conditions in the metro and on major bus lines between around 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., and from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The reason behind this? Workdays for office workers tend to start and end later than for counterparts in the U.S. or Canada. But workers in service and manual industries tend to start much earlier in Paris.


你会惊讶的速度有多快门票最新莫奈展在大皇宫蒸发。 How bookings for the trendy new工作室德LUMIERES数字艺术博物馆似乎在网上疯狂去出售,尤其是当他们拿出上有人喜欢梵高新的演出结束后的几个小时被抢购一空。 And that restaurant you read about last week and are dying to try? Tables may be scarce for months on end.

简而言之? If you want to beat the crowds to your table or show of choice, start booking well before you head off for your trip. Preferably months in advance, if you're really set on seeing a particular exhibit, taking a popular tour, or trying out the culinary talents of a lauded French chef. This is really the only way to avoid some serious disappointment. Again, in a city that draws millions every year, you're certainly not alone in angling for these coveted spots. Plan accordingly.




我们始终建议您罢工的尝试和真正的和异常之间的平衡,确保往往被降低到厌倦的陈词滥调一个城市的一个更真实的和愉快的体验。 Go ahead and take that Seine river cruise—it offers a great overview of some of the capital's more iconic sites. But by boarding a运河圣马丁或马恩河观光游船其河边的咖啡厅,你会看到一个完全不同的一面的城市。

来吧,探索拉丁区和周围的区域香榭丽舍大街。 Even these neighborhoods afford interesting details and quiet, surprisingly local corners. But don't limit your visit to the most heavily-trodden places. There are so many interesting neighborhoods to explore, as well as odd shops, small museums and locally beloved markets.

请参阅我们的指南,巴黎人迹罕至对不寻常的和本地正宗的东西更多的想法在首都做。 Not only will you likely evade the big crowds—you'll have a much more well-rounded experience to write home about.